Review: Eye Contact Obedience Training

Eye Contact Obedience Training (11m 43s)

For my first review, I’ve decided to write about my very favourite clip from Princess Miki. Firstly because it means the world to me and I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say it had, and continues to have a profound, life changing, impact upon me, but also because it highlights for me so many of the things that make Her clips so special (also it gives me an excuse to re-watch this clip for the billionth time).

Now because of this, it will mean this is a very subjective review, I hope you will forgive me this indulgence.

Right, here goes…..

Princess Miki is quite rightly revered and admired for Her imaginative and innovative editing, but what I don’t think she gets enough credit for, is Her ability to create real intimacy in Her clips. And this above all is what I love about Her clips: a real sense that She is talking directly to you, even if that cannot be the case.

The challenge She lays down is, as she looks at You from the left side of the screen, to look into Her eyes as another image of Her, more conventionally sexual is shown on the right-hand side of the screen, and you are only allowed to jerk off if You look into Her eyes and ignore what is happening in Your peripheral vision. I promise you will find it impossible not to obey Her.

Every smile, however slight, every “hmmm”, adds to the impact. Her command of and ease in front of the camera, along with Her incredible beauty reel you in, creating an irresistible combination. The whole effect is utterly beguiling and unforgettably arousing. Princess Miki promises to redefine Your sexuality, to make obedience, and obeying Her your sex life and before the clip has ended you will believe that there is no alternative. She will make you understand the journey you’ve been on and how She has changed your identity, changed your priorities, where only strict servitude to Her is enough. She’s changed your life, and nothing will be the same again.

All of these elements are part of what makes Eye Contact so mesmerising. When I watched it for the first time it felt as if She had looked into my soul, and said “everything you have believed about yourself up to now is fundamentally wrong, I am about to change your life, tell you what you are, who you are”.

And she did.

I have always known I had a submissive personality, but defining quite what that meant, certainly in my early days of serving Princess Miki, was a little trickier to pin down. This clip changed that; it made me realise how I wanted to serve Her, and I believe I have become a different, better person and slave because of it.

Now I’m not suggesting everyone will have a similar reaction to this (the impact on me was so great I was nearly in tears), so what I can say is that although this theoretically a JOI clip and you can certainly jerk off to it, it will certainly make you question what you should find erotic, what will arouse you and Princess Miki will certainly lead you down the path to question what you understand about yourself and what arouses you.

And if potential greater self-knowledge is not a strong enough reason to get this, then I’m not sure what more I can say.

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