An interview with Princess Miki

Liberation Through Submission (LTS): Thank You for agreeing to do this, Mistress. I truly can’t express how thrilled I am. Can You tell me how You first discovered the world of Femdom and Findom and how You got started in it? Was BDSM something You’d been interested in for a while?

Princess Miki: Pursuing a career in online Femdom was never something I seriously considered before the summer of 2018, which is when I started. In retrospect, I’m quite baffled as to why I never did, given everything I know about Myself. Anyway…

I completed My bachelor’s degree in May of 2018 with no clear idea of what I wanted to do with My life. I graduated with a degree in a major that no longer pertained to My interests, and I knew that I’d be absolutely miserable if I tried to force Myself into a career that didn’t hold any prospects of true happiness.

It was a long summer spent thinking in circles, full of days of brainstorming that stopped at dead ends. The problem wasn’t what I could or couldn’t do: I knew that I was capable of many things, and I had an array of marketable skills that could be applied to a multitude of careers. The problem was that I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

A friend of Mine suggested producing Femdom POV clips, knowing that I played around with kink and BDSM in My private life. I mulled the idea over in My head, and finally, it started looking like the only idea in My jumbled, brainstormed list of ideas that made sense. I went for it, and sent a video to HumiliationPOV, a site I was told is always looking for new content creators. My first clip I sent there was a success.

There wasn’t a definitive “eureka” moment that led Me to a full-time career in online Femdom. Even after I opened My clip store, I still wasn’t sure if this would become a full-time job. I was just testing the waters, but after a few months in, I realized that I was having too much fun to turn to anything else.

It all seemed too good to be true. A job that allows Me to create things for a living and lets Me set My own schedule? A job that allows Me to blend My two loves — art and kink — into a fulfilling career? How could I walk away from that?

To answer your question about My interest in BDSM, I’ll answer honestly and say that I was a novice prior to pursuing a career professionally. I’m not a trained Domina, and I wasn’t a lifestyle Domme before this. My experience was limited to play within the bedroom and casual research in the psychology of kink. But looking in retrospect, there were elements within each relationship of Mine that suggested I was always “domming” in the background.

In My personal life, My style of domming usually didn’t reflect the “bratty princess” archetype I heavily leaned upon in My earlier clips. I was — and still am — the sensual, subtly and quietly cunning seductress who knows exactly what I want.

LTS: What were your initial goals and expectations?

Princess Miki: It might sound surprising coming from a very goal-oriented person such as Myself, but I didn’t really have any goals or expectations.

I thought that this would be a “side hustle” that I enjoyed, and truthfully, I wanted to keep it that way while I found My footing during this transitional period of My life. Eventually, this became more than something I merely enjoyed.

I knew that I was capable of achieving most anything I set My mind to, but I never expected this level of success.

If you told Me in August of 2018 (when I started) that I would eventually make more than the average cardiologist doing what I do, I would have laughed in your face. I suppose I should have been more aware of the kind of power I wielded.

LTS: When you started there must have been a period of trying to find Your voice, can you talk me through how You did that? Was there a moment/a clip where this happened, or did You discover it over time?

Princess Miki: It was always less about “finding My voice” and more about “releasing My voice.” My earlier clips were fun to produce — and I imagine they were fun to watch for many — but they were heavily influenced by what was trending in the scene.

I’m not sure where the turning point was, but I started utilizing the “voice” and “message” that felt most natural to Me, and My success only skyrocketed from there. I experimented with being Myself instead of leaning on the archetypes I limited Myself to, and I think it’s pretty evident in My clips.

I was always more sensual and subtle than bratty and demanding, and although I love playing with the latter personalities, it’s not My default. Now, I tend to film clips that reflect My mood and attitude on any given day, and it’s the best decision I’ve made in My career.

Quick side note: if I were to give any advice to new Dommes, I would tell them to be as natural as possible. Find a way to incorporate your true personality and style into your clips, especially for fetishes you aren’t necessarily in love with. Have fun with it — it shines through on screen.

LTS: It is obvious that You are held in high esteem by Your fellow Dommes for the quality of Your clips. This must give You an enormous sense of satisfaction.

Princess Miki: I’m obviously honored that My peers see Me in such a way, as I respect their work and everything they do. It’s an honor, and they never fail to make Me blush. It boosts My morale during dry spells of inspiration when fellow artists — who are so talented themselves — compliment My work. I hope they know they inspire Me daily.

LTS: If You had to pick Your three favorite clips, which ones would You choose, and why?

Princess Miki: This is a tough one!

Submission is Bliss: A Mesmerizing Mindfuck comes to mind first. This clip is the first one where I made a serious effort to play with special effects, and I believe it defined the trajectory of My career. The underlying tone and message are also reflective of the kind of clips I enjoy producing today.

My second choice is also a favorite of yours: Eye Contact Obedience Training. To Me, this clip is special because it’s had such a profound impact on many, despite its relative simplicity compared to My intense, heavily edited “mesmerize” clips. This clip is essentially an exercise that demonstrates the core of My Femdom philosophy. I won’t say much more, because I believe you have a review you want to share, and I want readers to get a taste of what it feels like to watch it from the point of view of a submissive.

The Goon Cult Initiation Tape feels like an obvious choice. This is the first clip where I believe I truly pushed past the artistic limits I previously set for Myself, and I also think it’s aesthetically the most well rounded. Some might say that the cult recruitment theme is a bit gratuitous, but this little empire that I’ve created is proving that the clip might be a bit more literal than one might think. But it’s a fun cult to be a part of, isn’t it?

LTS: You have spoken previously of knowing that at times You have worked in a moral grey area with regards to some of Your clips. Are there topics which You would no longer be comfortable doing?

Princess Miki: I moved away from some of the harsher verbal humiliation clips for a couple of reasons. When I say harsh verbal humiliation, I’m referencing the ones that attempt to create a real sense of worthlessness for the viewer. I’m more than aware that extreme degradation can be incredibly cathartic for many — and I’m not opposed to practicing this kind of play — but without context and without monitoring, those feelings can become real.

I don’t see Myself as “soft,” but what I’m about to say may be misconstrued: I don’t believe that submissive men are “worthless.” Before anyone draws any conclusions, I want them to hear Me out. True submissiveness in a man is a desirable trait, especially to one who lives and breathes the philosophy of Female Supremacy, and I want the act of deepening one’s submissive side and devotion to lead to positive progress in other parts of one’s life. To equate submissiveness with worthlessness contradicts everything I stand for.

I never want a sub to feel ashamed or embarrassed about their submissiveness. Submission to a Woman should be associated with positivity, especially when it lies at the core of one’s identity, and to suggest that it’s something worth humiliating someone for only upholds the ideals of toxic masculinity that I don’t stand for. I want to produce more clips that hammer this philosophy into the viewer’s mind. Submission can be life changing.

LTS: I occasionally get people coming into my DMs, asking me how one gets to serve You? What qualities do You look for in a sub/slave? And what advice would You give someone who wants to serve?

Princess Miki: Three essential traits would be humility, patience, and flexibility.

An example of a not-so-ideal approaching “sub” is a man who presents himself to be a “challenge” for Me. He flatters himself by emphasizing his belief that he’s a larger-than-life Alpha in the outside world, and that it will be incredibly difficult to get someone like him to fully submit.

First of all, a man shouldn’t flatter himself too much by believing that he’s an Alpha when he steps into My territory, and to think that I’d spend extra time on a man who is already anticipating putting up a fight is simply ludicrous. There are a plethora of men who are at My beck and call, ready to please whenever I snap My fingers, so why would I waste My time on a delusional fetishist with an ego problem?

An ideal slave is one who is already well broken in by My philosophy expressed in My clips. An ideal slave never questions or challenges My plans, My abilities, or My power. An ideal slave understands his/her role in My empire and embraces the fact that they are merely a small part of it. An ideal slave carries with him/her the lessons learned from submission and will use that energy to make positive changes to other aspects of life.

I would advise any approaching sub to take a step back and reflect on whether or not they embody these traits. Some think they have what it takes to be owned slaves, when in reality, they are part time fetishists with fleeting feelings of submissiveness. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, but it’s important to be aware of this so that you won’t waste My time.

Oh, and tribute before you speak. My time is precious: know that I get dozens of similar messages every single week, so make it worthwhile for Me to read yours in particular.

LTS: How easy is it to build trust with a slave? Do You find You have an instinct for this, or does it take a while for that to develop?

Princess Miki: Trust builds slowly for everyone, but the pace depends on each and every sub. I definitely rely heavily upon instinct, but the trust is also from months and months of observation of how they conduct themselves during our interactions, and in the times in between.

Again, I emphasize that it’s different for everyone, and there’s never a definitive moment where I decide that one is deserving of My trust. Trust exists on a spectrum, too.

LTS: Is there a part of Your relationships with Your slaves that You particularly enjoy?

Princess Miki: This one is easy: witnessing growth. Not just in the context of serving Me, but how servitude has shaped them into becoming better people. I love it when My slaves share stories of how they gathered enough confidence to achieve something — small or big — they never thought they could, and when they attribute it to their servitude. I think this says a lot about the positive aspects of BDSM.

LTS: It is clear from Your Twitter exchanges that Your subs adore You. And I’m sure to many their relationship with You is a significant part of their life. It is, I think, very overwhelming to be given the permission by someone to be yourself. Which is certainly what You do. Does that sense of Your importance in so many people’s lives carry and extra burden or sense of responsibility?

Princess Miki: I wouldn’t describe it as a burden, but it is certainly a responsibility that I didn’t anticipate having when I first started My career. This is by far one of the most fulfilling parts of this job.

I will never claim to be a saint or a therapist, but I do believe that I helped many discover a dormant part of themselves that needed to be awakened. Exploring your sexuality is a necessity that few recognize, and it’s a joy to be a part of helping My good boys and girls do just that.

One thing new fans, admirers and approaching subs should know is that all of this doesn’t happen overnight.

LTS: I love Your clips where You have collaborated with other Dommes. Do You have plans to do anymore? Also, are there any Dommes You would like to collaborate with in the future?

Princess Miki: Eva was an absolute joy to work with, and I would love to work with her again! There are SO many Dommes that I would love to collaborate with in the future, and hopefully I will have an opportunity to at an industry event once Covid goes away… hopefully sooner than later.

LTS: What, if any, goals, whether short, medium, or long term do You have?

Princess Miki: Short term — I want to get back to uploading at least 5 clips a week. Distribution of the Gospel needs to pick back up!

Medium term — Become a licensed hypnotist. In the meantime, I’m doing some casual reading/research on the art of erotic hypnosis. I’ve yet to experiment with that.

Long term — Is it cheesy to say “world domination?” Haha, My future is so up in the air that I’m not sure what life will look like in ten years. This isn’t a bad thing by any means, I’m just on a long adventure.

LTS: Okay, quick fire questions

LTS: Favorite film?

Princess Miki: The Shining — the cinematography! The compositions! An absolute dream.

LTS: Favorite song?

Princess Miki: “Nights” by Frank Ocean or “Kid Charlemagne” by Steely Dan.

LTS: Favorite book?

Princess Miki: “1Q84” by Haruki Murakami, but it’s been a while since I’ve read it. (The inclusion of the Murakami quotes in your shrine was one of the most thoughtful things anyone has ever done for Me.)

LTS: Thank You Mistress, that is an incredibly kind thing to say. Favourite TV Show?

Princess Miki: Breaking Bad. Easy. I’m always so tempted to sprinkle in Walter White quotes in My clips, haha.

“I am the danger. I am the one who knocks.”

LTS: Thank You Mistress.

3 thoughts on “An interview with Princess Miki

  1. Wow! Its been a while since i read something where i opined on every sentence! Nice article Abby and of course Princess Miki! lol I being a lover of movies wouldn’t have guessed The Shining on fav movie of the Princess-thats the coolest in my book! Other great insights into The Princess journey thorough her road from 2018 to here..i love when I come away from a reading and say to myself..”i always wanted to know this”-and i did this a few good times..Thank You guys!!!!


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