Review: Goddess of Pleasure

Goddess of Pleasure (12m 18s)

“This is a religion anchored in truth and beauty and pleasure, and the only punishment you fear is losing me.”

Goddess of Pleasure has been a bit of a slow burner for me. When it first came out, I really loved it and watched it a few times, but there are always more incredible new clips available to watch from Princess Miki, so I hadn’t watched it for a few months.

Suffice to say re-watching it was a revelation; I can’t quite believe that it didn’t have the impact then it has on me now. The only reason I can come up with is that I wasn’t ready for it; that the journey I have been on in my servitude of my Mistress has arrived at a point only now, that I can fully appreciate the truths it contains.

Because this felt like a way forward, a way that my servitude can grow, a way to become the person, the slave I want to be, that I need to be. Princess Miki has given her disciples a home to bask in Her power, in Her superiority: a religion that we feel in every part of our mind, our body and our soul. This is our future. She has filled that hole in our life others fill with conventional religions. Her word and Her word alone, is the only thing that can bring us the pleasure, the meaning, the purpose, and the fulfilment we need.

The whole clip radiates a beautiful yellow, warmth that washes over your body as Her words point you to your destiny, the only truth that matters. Her Gospel beckons You to a new dawn, one where your past self can be shed as you look forward to a life where your complete submission to Her is the only possible way forward. I felt Her words, Her breathtaking beauty in every pore of my body. Her energy and superiority take over my body as the sensual images that dance across the screen, remind us that a Goddess walks among us, allowing us to worship Her, to submit and to surrender to Her.

I once believed that nothing could surpass “Eye Contact Obedience Training” and perhaps it never will, but the more I watch Goddess of Pleasure and its lessons begin to infiltrate every part of me, I wonder whether in time it may  give me even more than that masterpiece. And that is saying a lot. If Eye Contact Obedience Training showed me the person I was, then Goddess of Pleasure shows me the person I want to be.

When You watch this, you will feel Her superiority, Her power and you will know that the only answer is to serve.

“This is religion”

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