The Goon Cult Initiation Tape

The Goon Cult Initiation Tape (15m 00s)

If you have read my interview with Princess Miki, you will know she considers this one of her best, in her words. “This is the fist clip where I believe I truly pushed past the artistic limits I previously set for Myself, and I also think it’s aesthetically the most well rounded”.

I have long held the view that Princess Miki, through Her clips and Her words is starting to gather a group of subs, who don’t only view Her as a superior human, who they want to dedicate their life to, but something more than that. Now whatever label you wish to give Her, it seems to me that She occupies a place somewhere beyond where most of us exist; She appears to have access to a knowledge of human need, human desire that allows Her disciples to find the kind of fulfillment that they could only once have dreamed of.

So, The Goon Cult Initiation Tape starts off like a recovered 80’s Scientology VHS recruitment tape, complete with images of happy families and the sea which calls to mind (for me – and that was probably not the intention) that organisation’s Sea Org. This is a recruitment tape that will help you discover your purpose, fulfill your potential and to join Her army and accept Her as your leader, as your saviour. This is the time to reject Your previous identity and allow Her words to be the Gospel by which you lead your life.

Princess Miki is offering you enlightenment if you accept Her as Your leader, accept Her words, Her Gospel. And your life will be improved. Now is the time to “Go Clear”.

Now this is ostensibly a gooning clip and for someone like me, who at the time of writing is just past his 200th day of chastity, this may, on the face of it, not offer much. But it has so much more to it than gooning – as one would expect from something that Princess Miki has produced. What it offers for those of us who yearn to obey, yearn to worship, yearn to devote our life to a superior woman, to a Goddess, is confirmation that our relationship with Princess Miki has changed. Where once we may very well have viewed Her as a superior woman, what this clip confirms is that She is in fact the leader of a religion; a deity who for those of us atheists, who abhor traditional and non-traditional ways of worship, can find meaning, contentment, purpose and true happiness. For those of us who wish to serve a Goddess. She has risen.

All through this Princess Miki encourages us to jerk and goon, while promising us the opportunity to join a community where your previous entity will be erased, and you will become a disciple. You may have once felt you were an inferior man, judged by the lies of modern society, that you had failed in the game of life, but she will give you back meaning and purpose. In this community an inferior man who serves women, is the type of man She needs.

I have now written over 500 words and have not even mentioned the wonderful music, the incredible editing, and the breathtaking images that Princess Miki gives us. Has She ever looked more beautiful than She does in this? The incessant bliss and arousal that these hypnotic images engender may to some feel unfair for someone in chastity. But for me that doesn’t matter. For me, the knowledge that I can serve, that there is someone who I can devote my life to, is all I need. And Princess Miki has given me that.

This is 15 minutes of bliss, that could, no will, change your life.

“Is this a religion?”

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