Review: Planting Seeds (UNCENSORED)

Planting seeds (UNCENSORED) (17m 01s)

I wrote the following two paragraphs (well one and the start of a second one) as an idea for a possible blog entry, earlier today, prior to watching Planting Seeds (UNCENSORED) and really knowing what it was about…..

My favourite clips of Princess Miki are often those that intensify my need, my desire to serve Her. I would say my favourite clips of Hers are Eye Contact Obedience Training, Goddess of Pleasure, Liberation Through Submission, which I named this blog after, and Freedom is Eternal Slavery. And all these clips are about servitude, as well as submission, obedience, and subservience. It is true that I have sexualised the idea of these aspects of my servitude, but I think it is fair to say it is more than that: these are things that are fundamental to who I am, and Her existence allows me to explore these needs without shame or embarrassment. Princess Miki has created a place where I, and many others like me, can find a way to fulfil needs that perhaps we had not been able to elsewhere.

Now these clips may help me reinforce the ways I need to serve Her, or sometimes they may open my eyes to a way I improve and heighten my servitude….

….and then I watched it

Planting Seeds (UNCENSORED) is a profound meditation on obedience, slavery, submission, and pleasure, that manages to do both. It not only reminds you of what seeds Princess Miki has planted to ensure our obedience, but opens up a vista to our future, as the journey she has brought us on reinforces the message of this clip:

“Obedience is Pleasure; Pleasure is Obedience”.

We are on a ride which we can’t and don’t want to remove ourselves from. The metaphor of our brains as gardens is a compelling one and Princess Miki reminds us that this was not difficult for Her: this is what we’ve always wanted. That the seed was there already there for Her to come into our lives to nurture. to become who we are today and who we will be tomorrow. If, like me, you were born to, as she says “obey, worship, submit and surrender” then all she needed to do was help that process.

We are on an endless loop where “obedience is pleasure; pleasure is obedience; obedience leads to submission; submission leads to slavery; slavery leads to happiness; happiness leads to freedom; slavery is freedom; slavery liberated you”. With every click of Her finger She is leading us down the rabbit hole where there’s no return: hypnotizing us with Her words, Her beauty.

We will keep coming back because we there is no alternative. This is what we were born to do.

As the parenthetical part of the clips title suggests, Princess Miki is naked throughout most of this clip, and it goes without saying She looks breathtakingly beautiful. My heart was racing as every mind-blowing image made me catch my breath and I was left shaking from the experience. These images, masterfully (there really should be a female equivalent of that word; maybe there is) edited as usual, sear into your brain making this perhaps the most beautiful and erotic of Princess Miki’s clips.

But, although those images will never leave you, what will, as ever, change your life are Her words. This is a divine message from your Goddess, letting you know how She has taken control of Your life and how You will never escape, because You will never want or need to. Everything you require is here.

“Obedience is Pleasure; Pleasure is Obedience”

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