Reviews: Mommy’s Pure Virgin

Mommy’s Pure Virgin (14m 15s)

Okay this is wonderful

The whole Oedipal Complex is an interesting part of sexuality and probably not one many feel comfortable exploring. Certainly, Princess Miki has not gone there before. But wow, when it’s done like this you would wish every clip had an element of it in it. First off, Princess Miki looks stunning. And Her words, oh my, just perfection. I was so aroused watching this; I just love it when She releases something like this and it makes You acknowledge parts of Your sexuality you had not investigated, or perhaps were reluctant to investigate before.

When I think that prior to serving Her I had never even thought to find armpits erotic, yet in Her hands, as you watch the clip, they become the most erotic thing you can imagine.

Anyway, back to the clip….

I only wish, I was not in chastity, because to be honest, I was incredibly aroused by this.

Princess Miki/Mommy knows You only want to jerk to Her, and She encourages you to forget about all those other women you fantasize about. It’s time you realize there is only one woman in Your life and that’s Mommy. (To be honest She is, and will always be, the only woman in my life)

I am so happy that this was the beginning of a trend, because subsequent to this clip, Princess Miki has released two other “Mommy” clips: “Yes, Mommy” and “Step-Mommy loves your tiny penis”. And yes, those two clips are every bit as good as they sound. I can’t wait for the next one.

Let Mommy take you by the hand and explore your sexuality: you won’t regret it.

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