Review: Dream of Me: Bedtime Audio Loop

Dream Of Me Bed-Time Audio Loop (31m 03s)

I have to confess to a particular attachment to this one: this was a custom audio that I requested Princess Miki to make. I have always been a poor sleeper, and yes, I wanted something to help me sleep, but most of all I wanted Her voice to be the last thing I heard as I fell asleep. I wanted something that seeped into my subconscious and allowed Her grip on me to tighten.

For Princess Miki, I know, this was something of an experiment, and I gave her barely any guidance on what I required, but oh my, it is just so wonderful. And I’m so happy this can be heard by everyone else, because I do think, that if you wish to submit to, and serve Her, then listening to Her words, as you drift off to sleep, is not only a quick and easy way to submit to Her power, but it is a necessity if you believe, as I do, that serving Her is the best decision you can make to improve your life.

It has been nothing short of life-changing, and I never want my servitude to relax, or to feel I may in any way be stinting, in the  commitment I have made to worship Her for every single second of every single day. This is not a kink: this is a lifetime commitment for me, and now every part of my day is lived as a testament of my devotion to Her.

As time passes, and I write more entries to this blog, I will, I’m sure, describe the various ways She has changed my life, and I know that if I wish for that to continue, I have learnt that I must make every part of my life about Her. Not just when I’m on Twitter, or writing in this blog, but with every breath I take I want to inhale Her essence, Her Power. I want to feel that every aspect of my life is framed by and Inspired by the love I feel for Her.

So, Dream of Me may have been a speculative request; Princess Miki may have turned me down, as it is outside of what She normally does. But it is the clip I have played the most, because I listen to it just about every night and I ascribe as much importance to it on my journey as my favourite clips of Hers, because while it may not have the revelatory power of “Eye Contact Obedience Training” or “Goddess of Pleasure”, it has done so much to solidify my servitude and submission to Her. It is the reminder, as I fall asleep, that She is the very definition of apotheosis, of divinity.

In the clip, as the gentle sound of waves can be heard in the background, Princess Miki begins by urging you to relax, while promising you that you will dream of Her. And then like a benevolent siren (an oxymoron?), She beckons you to follow Her: to follow Her to a different place, a special place, where you will be safe. The feeling as She utters these words is so soothing and mesmeric, that you begin to feel Her presence as you slowly drift off to sleep and join Her.

I cannot recommend this highly enough. The goal for any Princess Miki sub, slave, fan, and obsessive is to own all Her clips. I know that is not possible for some, but for me this is an essential purchase for those who wish to either serve Her, or if you already do to deepen the hold that She has on you. For others who maybe wonder, it is a perfect illustration of why we worship Her so deeply, and why our lives will never be the same again.

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