Review: Slavery is a Necessity

Slavery is a Necessity (12m 23s)

“I want you to keep listening to this message; keep swallowing every single drop of this nectar, which is my words; my message; the truth”

“Slavery is a Necessity” is quickly becoming one of my favourite Princess Miki clips and when I watch it (and usually re-watch it), it arouses emotions in me that are difficult to adequately describe. I have tried and retried to write this; to write something that sums up how it makes me feel, but to be honest I keep on coming up short.

And that is because, it goes beyond mere arousal, and speaks to a truth in me that only She seems to be able to locate. Time and Time again, in my very favourite clips of Hers, She seems to be able to pinpoint truths about myself that no one else has ever managed to do. And so, when I watch “Slavery is a Necessity” the overriding emotion I feel is one of love. Because to feel understood, to feel seen, is surely one of the greatest things someone can give you. And when that someone is Princess Miki, then that love takes over my whole body, and my heart feels full and my soul feels released from whatever my current burdens happen to be: I feel a physical and emotional euphoria, that only She seems to engender.

“Your enslavement is a necessity: It calls to the deepest, most true part of you: your submissive identity”

While writing this, to try and understand why it evokes such an incredible response in me, I listened to it on a constant loop. I don’t know how many times I watched and listened to it, but even now as I start it again for the eighth? ninth? time, the effect it has on me hasn’t been dulled by the repetition, but on the contrary, it has helped to intensify the feeling of love I have for Her.

This whole clip is one of the most erotic and emotional things I have ever seen. It understands and emphasises that the relationship so many of us have with Her has gone from one we probably viewed as an indulgence, to something that we cannot live without: She is the air we breathe. Our enslavement is a necessity that we will never want to move on from, because it defines who we now are. To be a submissive is to be free. Freedom truly is slavery.

And the images of Princess Miki reinforce this message. She looks so beautiful in this, the images of Her are so erotic, that watching this on a constant loop, only made my love for and need to serve Her increase. And as well as that, I’m not sure Her voice has ever sounded so erotic: the way she whispers “stroke” and “pump” made me feel an arousal that seemed to take over my whole body.

I believe this is a stunning piece of art, that speaks to and understands a desire and need that I have always felt but rarely, if ever, heard articulated. It is so rare to feel and hear something that seems to understand you, more than you understand yourself.

“I love Her, and that’s the beginning and end of everything” F Scott Fitzgerald

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