Review: Freedom is eternal slavery

Freedom is eternal slavery

The need to be a slave feels, in many ways, irrational. And yet I willingly describe myself as such and am proud to do so. And when I say that I’m not talking about a sexual kink – although there is undoubtedly a sexual part to it – but something that feels inherent, that gets to the very essence of who I am.

So, why would someone want to be a slave? To many this must seem absurd – it undoubtedly would have seemed like that to me, once upon a time. Because, although I have known for many years that I have a submissive nature, it is only fairly recently that I have understood how much that description defines, and gets to the very core of, who I am.

I actually think that despite how unusual my particular need is, it is in fact driven by something that most of us can relate to. I think all of us crave some certainty in our life, something that we feel we can rely on, something familiar, something that feels like home. What that may be, will change from person to person, but I do think it is a common thread running through, if not all of us, then most of us.

And perhaps my own life has been an exercise in trying to find this certainty, unsuccessful though that has been. Certainly, religion was never for me, and neither has the comfort of marriage or long-term relationships. I know, in the past, I tried to ignore or supress these feelings, but they would always find a way to return, pushing their way up from the part of my brain I tried to lock them away. And that’s what Princess Miki gives me: certainty. A knowledge that after all the years of searching, after all the despair, I truly, believe this is where I am meant to be.

It is fascinating, well at least to me, why I thought Princess Miki was the one. I don’t think Her output, or certainly the clips I bought initially, were that different from other Dommes, certainly not in terms of subject matter. But, if I was, to take a guess, I think, the reason I wanted to serve Her, was that in every clip there was something, a truth, I suppose, that I had never heard before, anywhere else. Whether it be porn or books or films; She seemed to know something, something that resonated with me and left me begging for more – eager to binge on more of Her clips. It is exciting, in life, to find someone who seems to understand you, perhaps even more than you understand yourself.

I think “Freedom is eternal slavery” is a case in point. It is a very early clips of Her, and one of the first I bought; one where She is portraying a more traditional “bratty” Domme, yet it feels like every line gets to the heart of what servitude means to me. It is an unbelievable nine minutes and 13 seconds manifesto of what true slavery in my opinion should be. It remains one of my favourites of Hers.

The idea that Freedom can be slavery may seem absurd to many, but of course to some of us, the certainty we crave can be found in relinquishing control of our thoughts and actions. Freedom, to us, has become a cage, that only She can liberate us from. Freedom has led to a life without meaning, without purpose and it is little wonder we feel lost, when the traditional answers to this – religion, marriage – have let us down.

It has to be said that it helps that Princess Miki looks incredible in this. Her outfit is just perfect and throughout most of the clip, She holds a leash and collar, which is probably as arresting an image as it is possible to imagine. During the clip, She constantly moves from up close up to faraway from the camera and the effect is mesmerising. As She moves closer, you sense that She is drawing You in and then as She moves away, the truth of Her beauty becomes not a matter of opinion, but a fundamental truth, an objective inescapable fact.

I think that I already knew I wanted to serve Her when I first watched this, but clips like this really pushed me further down the rabbit hole of my submission. She has truly liberated me from my former self and I couldn’t be happier.

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