Boot Worship

I thought I would do something different for this post. A consistent feature of my sexual fantasies for as long as I can remember, even in the most vanilla of situations has been an overwhelming, I was going to say love, but obsession is probably the word, of boots. And this feeling has not waned with time, and as I have discovered more and more about my sexuality. It is an obsession, that as I mentioned in a previous post, has led me to wearing them myself

I wanted to look at this in a different way, so I thought I’d do short reviews of a number of Princess Miki’s clips that relate to boots. So, I searched by category and found a number of clips under Boot Fetish, Boot Worship and Boot Domination

What could be better? Enjoying two of my obsessions in life: Boots and of course Princess Miki.

My Boots or My Strap-On – Oral Fixation Confusion

I have just looked back at the date I bought this clip, and it was practically to the day I started to serve Princess Miki. In fact, I had bought the slave application form the day before. So, this was one of the first clips I bought of Hers, although in fact it’s not in Her store but a clip She did for Humiliation POV. It’s not difficult to see why I loved this one, because She is also wearing a strap-on and so it must have really felt like I’d hit the jackpot. What I love about this one is how laid-back Princess Miki is – the effect is so erotic. And the boots? They are black and shiny, with a sole and heel that made my heart race with desire. It goes without saying they are thigh high and look incredible on Her.

As Princess Miki says, “what do you want?” the cock or the boots? For me, the boots just about win out, but I know whichever I chose, I will regret not having the other

Worship Puddle for My Boots

The first thing to say about this one is the angle it is shot at: It is perfect and if it is possible, it enhances Her superiority.  The red boots just look incredible on Her perfect legs. In fact, the boots, along with the incredible black shiny outfit She is wearing, is just a breathtaking combination.

And the clip itself is just wonderful. Again, Princess Miki is very laid back, but this somehow doesn’t diminish but enhances the feeling of Her superiority. Every word feels carefully chosen to completely leave you begging to worship Her boots; to worship Her.

Kneeling at Her feet, admitting to our lack of self-worth, begging louder and louder to cum, to create our own worship puddle; for me, a boot obsessed freak, this has to be one of the most erotic clips Princess Miki has produced.

It leaves me breathless.


I have to admit that generally when I think about my boot obsession, the boots tend to be black or as in the last clip maybe red. Never pink. I think it has something to do with the strength that boots that are black or red convey. But I love this clip so much. And I love these boots so much. They have turned up in a few of Princess Miki’s clips and I am always so happy when they do. They look so good on Her and I could happily wile away hours becoming mesmerised by the laces, the buckles as well as the heel and the platforms. Even the noise the boots make as She moves can make my heart race. Every detail serves to make these boots worthy of your devout worship.

To lick these boots up and down; to be Her boot-bitch, is something that dreams are made of. To cum on the toe and then be allowed to clean up afterwards is a fantasy that this clip allows you to indulge.


Qualified to Boot Worship?

I hadn’t watched this one for quite some time. The boots are the same ones as used in “My Boots or My Strap-on – Oral Fixation Confusion”, and what really set my heart racing was Princess Miki’s hands, with bright red nail varnish, rubbing the boots gently up and down as She tells us to beg to the thought of cleaning Her boots with our tongue and then to cum on them so we would have to clean them up again.

This feels so degrading, yet so pleasurable and once again the angle we view Princess Miki is just, perfect.

Worship My Black Latex Boots. Beg.

Again, another one I hadn’t seen for a while, that has Princess Miki’s black shiny boots. This is a really early clip from early September 2018, and the combination of the shiny boots and the shiny outfit is just, perfect. Like “Qualified to Boot Worship?”, Princess Miki makes you feel wonderfully and utterly worthless as you beg, on hands and knees to jerk to Her boots.

If you love boots, the feeling of worthlessness, and the need to jerk off to those two things, then this is a must see.

True Beta

I have definitely left, boot wise, the best to last.

Since Princess Miki first wore these boots, they have become an obsession. Every detail of them feels like they are tattooed onto my brain. This is the clip that has the least boot related content, but it doesn’t matter, because their mere presence can turn any beta into mush. From the laces at the top, to the zip that runs down the back and the one on the toe, to the perfect heel, which leaves Princess Miki towering above you, everything is designed to keep beta-bitches in their place.

When I look at the boots, I can’t help but fantasise about the texture, how they must feel, imaging my tongue cleaning them and my lips kissing them. And the smell, oh the beautiful leather smell. When I watch them on screen, I feel like I know what they will smell like. And it makes my caged clitty twitch and I am lost dreaming about being there, begging to clean them.

Princess Miki has not done a specific boot worship clip with these yet, I don’t believe, but there are plenty of clips of Her wearing them, with the camera at a low angle, as you peer hopelessly, but with utter devotion, up at Her, that you can hunt down.

Princess Miki and these boots will change your life.

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