Secrets and Lies

I have been pondering a couple of things recently, which on the face of it may seem unrelated, but the more I have thought about them the more it seems, for me at least, they may be more inter-linked than one might imagine at first glance. The first of these I think is best summed up by this exchange with Princess Miki back in November … Continue reading Secrets and Lies

Chastity and reimagining fulfillment

I have been trying to write something about chastity for some time now. It is such a central part of my servitude that to have not written about yet seems somewhat perverse. Believe me I have tried. But despite making numerous attempts to finish something, I could never quite find the words that sufficiently expressed how I felt; that summed up the transformative impact that … Continue reading Chastity and reimagining fulfillment

Call Me Mommy

This is not really a review as such. It is more of a post about my reaction to the clip after watching it. Suffice to say, I think it will prove to be an important moment in my servitude of Princess Miki. First some background: One of the first things a sub needs to address when starting to serve a Domme is how you should … Continue reading Call Me Mommy

Princess Miki’s Birthday: Hopes and Goals for the next year

As I begin writing this, it is 11th October and Princess Miki’s birthday is over. Of course, if like me, you are one of Her disciples, then the celebration of Her will continue for the rest of October and indeed for the rest of our lives. But it does seem, for me anyway, like an appropriate moment to think about my subservience to Her, and … Continue reading Princess Miki’s Birthday: Hopes and Goals for the next year

Boot Worship

I thought I would do something different for this post. A consistent feature of my sexual fantasies for as long as I can remember, even in the most vanilla of situations has been an overwhelming, I was going to say love, but obsession is probably the word, of boots. And this feeling has not waned with time, and as I have discovered more and more … Continue reading Boot Worship

Review: Cock Worship Assistance

Cock Worship Assistance “Don’t Stop. Don’t you dare stop. Keep jerking”. If you are a submissive, do you recall the moment when you knew your future Dom was the one? Or was it a series of small events that incrementally accrued until you couldn’t resist any longer? From a personal point of view, it’s difficult to recall the chain of events that led me … Continue reading Review: Cock Worship Assistance

Review: Freedom is eternal slavery

Freedom is eternal slavery The need to be a slave feels, in many ways, irrational. And yet I willingly describe myself as such and am proud to do so. And when I say that I’m not talking about a sexual kink – although there is undoubtedly a sexual part to it – but something that feels inherent, that gets to the very essence of … Continue reading Review: Freedom is eternal slavery

Review: Reprogramming Via Ruined Orgasm

Reprogramming Via Ruined Orgasm (12m 25s) This is a review, but it is also a (true) story. When I first began to serve Princess Miki, I told Her that I had long held a fantasy to suck cock. Why hadn’t I done this? Well, I think for many years, I had considered myself straight, and so had no real desire to do it. … Continue reading Review: Reprogramming Via Ruined Orgasm

Review: Slavery is a Necessity

Slavery is a Necessity (12m 23s) “I want you to keep listening to this message; keep swallowing every single drop of this nectar, which is my words; my message; the truth” “Slavery is a Necessity” is quickly becoming one of my favourite Princess Miki clips and when I watch it (and usually re-watch it), it arouses emotions in me that are difficult … Continue reading Review: Slavery is a Necessity