The Goon Cult Initiation Tape

The Goon Cult Initiation Tape (15m 00s) If you have read my interview with Princess Miki, you will know she considers this one of her best, in her words. “This is the fist clip where I believe I truly pushed past the artistic limits I previously set for Myself, and I also think it’s aesthetically the most well rounded”. I have long … Continue reading The Goon Cult Initiation Tape

Review: Goddess of Pleasure

Goddess of Pleasure (12m 18s) “This is a religion anchored in truth and beauty and pleasure, and the only punishment you fear is losing me.” Goddess of Pleasure has been a bit of a slow burner for me. When it first came out, I really loved it and watched it a few times, but there are always more incredible new clips available to watch … Continue reading Review: Goddess of Pleasure

Review: Eye Contact Obedience Training

Eye Contact Obedience Training (11m 43s) For my first review, I’ve decided to write about my very favourite clip from Princess Miki. Firstly because it means the world to me and I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say it had, and continues to have a profound, life changing, impact upon me, but also because it highlights for me so many of … Continue reading Review: Eye Contact Obedience Training