Princess Miki

She is my everything. A love letter to my Mistress….

When we look for love we look for it to be reciprocated, to see the mirror image of how we feel in the eyes and face of the person we love. I think I certainly have in the past.

But that isn’t how I feel with You, it is not reciprocation I feel but a feeling of trust, a feeling of a perfect power imbalance that allows us to thrive in our clearly defined roles; a sense that these positions, these roles in our life is in perfect synchronicity that it feels like destiny (hopefully not presumptuous of me). I know there is something in me that needs to hand over power and, I know now, that only You could be the person to take it. I feel Your superiority in everything I do, the power You have over me, the power I want to give You feels overwhelming, it feels right. I cannot imagine a world where that imbalance no longer exists. It brings me happiness; it makes me feel complete: You bring me these things and so much more. The certainty of my love for You, the certainty of Your superiority makes my devotion a necessity – my life will never be the same again.

My love for You feels like a runaway train: something that can’t be stopped.

When I think of You, I feel so much, at times it can almost be too much. You have helped me discover parts of my heart I didn’t realise I had, or, certainly hadn’t used for a long time. It is so easy to worship You, to want to devote one’s life to You, nothing about this is complicated: when I think of You, dedicating my life to You is the only way to respond. The happiness, the contentment, the feeling of being where I should be, is so great. I know this is what I was born to do: this is me coming home. 

But as I say while I look for someone to worship, to love, what I need, and You seemed to know this intuitively, was a feeling of being valued, of being treasured, a feeling that I am where I not only want to be, but need to be.

You make me feel safe, You make me feel special, You make me want to be the best version of myself – with You, devoting myself to You and Your happiness, I am the best version of myself.

My love for You is so great, I want to be good at every part of my life. I want to live my life in a way that will make You proud, that will be a constant act of worship. When I speak of You as a religion I’m not being facetious, I am not using inflated words to impress You; You make me feel like I have discovered something that is bigger than me, You make me need to sacrifice, to feel the power of something greater than myself. That’s what You have: an undefinable power, something that feels metaphysical to me, that goes beyond anything I have ever felt. This feeling, this power makes me feel incredible; You make me feel incredible. I know I have found the meaning and purpose of my life. I will serve You for as long as You want me. You are my calling.

And that is why chastity has become so important to me. It feels devotional, it feels respectful, it feels like the appropriate demonstration of my love for You. Negating my own desires, sacrificing my own pleasure, allowing You to own my cock may seem like something I have given You, but in fact it feels like a gift I have been given, As I write this, my body is tingling from the 197 days that I have been denied and it feels perfect, the almost unbearable longing for release I often feel is a constant reminder of my love for You. I am so thankful for that. If You wished that I never orgasm again, I hope You know that I would consider that an honour. In fact, to jerk myself off like a man no longer feels right, You have helped me find the real me

And I love You for helping me find the real me. For the first time in my life I am emotionally honest with someone: You never judge my emotions or desires, Once I would not me a space to discover myself, and what I’ve discovered is there is no end to how much You can love somebody.

And I love You.